A MAN who killed a three month old baby by shaking him in a 'spur-of-the-moment' attack has been jailed.

Paul Rich, 53, of Shrivenham, gripped Patrick Bradley beneath the armpits and shook him before throwing him down into his Moses basket after he would not stop crying.

The baby suffered serious head injuries and three broken ribs during the violence, which only lasted a few seconds, and died five days later.

Rich had been due to stand trial for murder at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday but the prosecution accepted a guilty plea for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

At the same court this afternoon Rich was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison.

The court heard how Rich was alone with the infant in a house in Swindon in the early hours of March 25 2017.

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He had been awake for 19 hours and had just worked a full shift at his job at Serco.

The prosecution said he called 999 at 3.15am, telling the emergency call handler: “It’s a baby, I have just got him out of his cot and he doesn’t look right to me.”

Rich said Patrick’s body was 'flopping' and it wasn’t clear he was breathing.

A paramedic arrived nine minutes later and, realising the baby was in cardiac arrest, began performing CPR.

Patrick was taken first to Great Western Hospital and then to the intensive care unit at Bristol Children’s Hospital. His life support machine was turned off five days later and he died in the arms of his mother, Kirsty Bradley, on March 30.

Reacting to the sentence, Ms Bradley, said: "We are absolutely livid that Patrick’s killer is getting such an unduly lenient sentence. He has shown absolutely no remorse.

"We will be looking into what we can do to appeal, as we both feel that Patrick’s life seemingly means nothing to those who could have imposed a sentence where Rich spent the rest of his days behind bars."