A YOB who went on a violent rampage has been given yet another chance to prove himself, despite failing to turn up to a court hearing.

Josh Abbott returned to Oxford Crown Court yesterday, after the court issued a warrant for his arrest for not attending as required on Monday.

The 23-year-old, of Mendip Heights in Didcot, was given a lifeline by Judge Peter Ross in April after he pleaded guilty to three common assault offences and three of causing criminal damage.

It related to offences on the morning of December 27 in Didcot, during which Abbott punched a fish and chip shop, damaged Amin Newsagents, a car, and threw punches at a boy, a man and a woman, while she was holding a baby.


In April Judge Ross handed Abbott a deferred sentence, giving him four months to prove himself or else face jail.

However, Abbott flouted that agreement after failing to turn up to court on Monday.

Yesterday his defence barrister Peter Du Feu said Abbott told him he could not afford to get from Oxford to Didcot, which was why he did not attend, and he had rang the court that day to explain.

Judge Peter Ross told the court: "I'm going to take a wholly unusual step and defer sentence in relation to the bail act offence, and make you this promise: if you comply with all the terms of the deferment, I will not be sending you back to Bullingdon.

"If it's that that keeps you on the straight and narrow, that's fine by me."

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When told by the judge he needed to 'get his life sorted out,' a grateful Abbott responded: "I totally agree."

Sentencing was deferred until August 5, and Abbott will have to adhere to restrictions until a further hearing on July 15, when he will be freed of his curfew and tag if he has not breached the rules before then.

Mr Du Feu said his client had a 'bugbear' about the 8pm curfew, which had restricted his socialising, but that he recognised why it had been imposed.

He added: "He is very frightened about going back into custody, it seems to have caused real upset for him.

"His attitude now is that he will do anything to not go back to prison."