WE SET Camera Club the tricky task of capturing hidden things this week and talented members revealed a trove of concealed creatures and obscured objects.

PICTURES: Camera Club showcase pride

From camouflaged insects perched in plain sight to spectacular landscapes shrouded in mist many members chose to focus on nature.

There were plenty of animals featured in submissions, some more successful than others at hiding.

Herald Series:

We loved Jeff Higgs shot of a deer almost, but not quite, blending in with St Mary's Fields, in Kidlington, which was taken last summer.

A lion half covered by shadow was another stand out entry by Sue Carruthers.

Herald Series:

The detail found in the photograph is impressive, the dark backdrop helping to highlight the features and fur of the creature.

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An young owl, meanwhile, peers out in alarm from between leaves at Millets Falconry Centre during a Camera Club meet up in Allen Dannfald's snap.

Another bird, this time with invisible means of support, can be seen in Ian Jones' shot of a sparrow.

Herald Series:

Caught mid-hop, the creature looks as if it is resting on a hidden perch.

People were another popular subject and we loved a photograph of a figure sitting on a bench with only their legs visible behind an Oxford Mail.

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It features a previous spread of our favourite monochrome-themed submissions, and is appropriately also in black and white.

Sharing the shot on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page, Shez McKechnie wrote: "As I have been hiding for a few weeks thought I'd come back on this theme."

Herald Series:

A scene that captured the sometimes anonymous natures of modern city life was Kevin James Bywater's picture taken on the London underground.

He wrote: "There was something missing in the moment amidst the impersonal throngs of London, bathed in the afternoon exhaustion. Only later did I realise what was lacking: faces."

Next week's theme is 'red'.

Herald Series:

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Happy snapping!