A FATHER whose life was devastated by debt and a suspected stroke took a fatal overdose of painkillers while living in his sister’s caravan.

Nigel Boughen was found dead at Cherry Tree Drive in Abingdon on February 4 after his brother-in-law forced open the door of the vehicle with a crowbar after family received 'worrying' text messages.

An inquest into the former long-distance lorry driver’s death at Oxford Coroner’s Court yesterday heard the 45-year-old had suffered what was initially believed to be a stroke in 2017.

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His mother Pauline said the incident left him unable to speak or walk for a week but he eventually recovered, before suffering a second episode which left him with a constant tremor and forced him to give up his job.

No formal diagnosis of the neurological condition was ever found but the effects continued until his death.

Evidence from the family, including sister Emma Rankin with whom he had been living since November 2018, said his health problems were compounded by a mountain of debts accrued in Hull by his estranged wife under Mr Boughen's name which caused their house to be sold.

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The family added the issue was currently being investigated by police under new coercive control legislation for financial abuse.

Assistant coroner for Oxfordshire Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp recorded a conclusion of death by suicide and said text messages to family in the run up to his death, which said he intended to take his life, showed the man's state of mind.

She added she was sure the medical, financial and personal issues 'must have been heartbreaking for him' and she 'could not help but be moved by his plight'.

Ms Rhodes-Kemp continued: "It is clear this is a man who two and half years ago suffered a significant medical event."