WITH summer feeling like it is now in full swing we set Camera Club the challenge of capturing all the fun of the (sometimes) sun-soaked season.

Plenty of submissions came from the recent hot weather, when temperatures hit 32C across much of the county last weekend.

One of our favourites was of drinkers enjoying the sun at The Head of the River by Stephanie Jenkins.

Herald Series:

Another summer scene of Oxford we enjoyed was Io Nutz's shot of pedestrians crossing Magdalen Bridge while a vibrant setting sun lights up the sky.

PICTURES: Swirling star trails and lightning flashes for night theme

This time of year is also one for graduations in the city and we loved Dave Shaw's snap of Oxford students messily celebrating the end of their university experience at the instantly-recognisable Radcliffe Camera.

Herald Series:

A more tranquil image of the city was captured in Tony Steele's shot of a cow surrounded by yellow flowers in Port Meadow.

We love how the individual flora are slightly out of focus and give the photograph a hazy quality that captures the atmosphere of a sunny day at the nature site.

Herald Series:

Other entries that captured wildlife that stood out included a pair of swallows sitting on a branch as they face in opposite directions by Denise Gurden, and a spectacular snap of field mice taken at a North Devon wildlife centre by Peter Silver.

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A butterfly perched on lavender by Stephen Pimm was another favourite.

Herald Series:

The delicate detail of the insect's textured wings can be clearly seen in the shot and contrast with the soft purple petals.

We also loved images of people enjoying summer at home and abroad, from a boy in a field of hay by Kevin James Bywater to Charlotte Hickman's daughter Ella excited for her first summer holiday abroad.

YOUR PICS WINNER: Riverside fireworks light up the night

With so many summer fairs, festivals and carnivals throughout Oxfordshire at the moment – including Cowley Road Carnival on Sunday – next week’s theme is ‘festival fun’.

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Happy snapping!