A ‘SPITEFUL’ ex-partner who broke in and ‘trashed’ his former girlfriend's home in a drunken rage following a string of harassment has been jailed.

Luke Badger, of Willow Walk in Wantage, admitted one count of harassment and one count of burglary following the break-up of the ‘toxic’ relationship.

Oxford Crown Court heard at his sentencing yesterday how the 24-year-old's then-partner became pregnant in June 2017.

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The prosecution claimed that part-way through the pregnancy Mr Badger broke up with his partner, and she moved out.

The court then heard how, despite a brief reconciliation, a string of harassment ensued fuelled by Mr Badger’s ex-partner denying him access to their child.

In sentencing, Judge Maria Lamb said: “The relationship seemed to be somewhat toxic.”

She said that, despite Badger being persuaded to move out of his partner's flat in February 2018, he continued to visit.

The judge went on: “She [the victim] speaks in fact of one occasion when you came in uninvited in July 2018, and seem to continue to come to and fro after it was made perfectly clear she was not willing to let this relationship continue.”

Mr Badger was banned from the flat in August 2018.

Judge Lamb continued: “The following day you started sending a series of emails... which started relatively innocuously but gradually became more intimidating in nature. Suffice to say this young woman felt sufficiently unsafe that she moved.”

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The court heard on one occasion Mr Badger drunkenly broke into the woman’s home through an unlocked window and trashed the flat, sprayed paint on the sofa and stole electricals and a locket.

Judge Lamb said it happened when Badger was ‘fuelled up on drink’ adding: “You had no right to be there, and while in there you acted in spite and trashed it, causing substantial damage."

Badger was arrested and admitted both charges.

His defence said he accepted he ‘behaved appallingly’ and was remorseful for his actions which caused distress to his victim.

He was sentenced to a total of 15 months in prison and was given a restraining order which stops him from contacting his former girlfriend for at least five years.