AN OXFORD MP wants a 'divisive' politician to be blocked from becoming the Prime Minister's senior advisor.

Oxford-educated Dominic Cummings was appointed into the role by new PM Boris Johnson last week. 

In March, Mr Cummings was found to be in contempt of Parliament by the Committee of Privileges, after he refused to give evidence to the Commons Culture Select Committee during its fake news inquiry.

He was also the director of the Brexit campaign Vote Leave, which was found to have broken electoral law over spending limits, and was criticised for 'misleading' claims. 

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Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran has now written to cabinet secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, calling on him to block the appointment.


In a statement today, she said his appointment 'should send shivers down the spines of UK citizens.'

She added: "If Boris Johnson is serious about uniting our country, then appointing one of the most divisive figures in politics is hardly the best start.

"Boris Johnson needs to act like a Prime Minister, and not be the puppeteer of someone who has so little respect for the British people."

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Her letter to Sir Mark questions Mr Cummings’ 'suitability' and lists various concerns about his past conduct. 



It concludes: "We cannot allow individuals who cannot behave with honesty and integrity to play such a vital role in the running of Her Majesty’s Government.

"The people of the UK deserve better than that."