A DAREDEVIL Oxford climber has been up to his old tricks in Botley. 

George King, 19, has scaled the 'highest crane in Oxford', following his antics at the Shard in London last month. 

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The Oxford born-and-bred teenager said climbing the Elms Parade structure at the West Way shopping centre redevelopment was 'easy'.

Having released a video of his latest venture today, he told the Oxford Mail that the Saturday morning activity was 'pretty easy to be honest'.

He added online: "It always humbles me climbing in Oxford as this is where my journey began.

"I was known as the 'guy who climbs cranes,' but the purpose for me was far deeper than that and always has been.

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"My purpose was to take my exploits international like I had done with climbing the shard. But of course Rome wasn't built in a day and I had to work incrementally up. So I made sure I conquered Oxford's skyline before I took on the big city."

Mr King says he is working on a book and expecting to be involved in a documentary and TV series soon.