WORRIED residents in Didcot have reported the strong smell of gas this evening.

People who live in Great Western Drive and Fleet Meadow have taken to social media to share their concern, tweeting at British Gas as they report 25 minute delays to get through to the company.

Micky Bray, who lives in Laburnum Grove said he first noticed the smell at 8pm, adding: "The whole of Didcot town smells of gas."

Dr Joanne Flanagan tweeted: "Finally got to speak to someone on the emergency line - said they were getting lots of reports in the area."

Claire Hughes tweeted she had also reported it and was advised to switch the main valve off, open doors and windows, not to use electrical goods or switch lights on.

Emergency service SGN did respond to one of the tweets to say it was investigating.

The National Gas Emergency number is 0800 111 999.