THE weather may not be able to make its mind up lately but we've been basking in sunshine shades all this week thanks to Camera Club.

A plethora of submissions for our yellow theme have ranged from vibrant flowers and racing cars to a trio of goslings and a pair in plastic ponchos keeping dry at Niagara Falls.

Herald Series:

Many members chose to focus on finding the colour in nature with some of our favourites a bee on gorse taken at Jarn Mound, Boars Hill, by Allen Dannfald and a deer among a field of yellow rapeseed by Duncan Becker.

We also loved a pair of sunset snaps.

PICTURES:: Celebrating community

Barry Gibbs captured a setting sun at Radley lakes, while Anthony Morris' shot of light reflected in the water lapping upon Maspalomas beach in Gran Canaria was a stand out.

Herald Series:

We also loved Ian Marriotts image of the sun, sharing the snap on the Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page he wrote: “Been struggling to find anything yellow to photograph then looked up and remembered our nearest star.”

The colour in wildlife also produced some striking shots.

We particularly liked Charlotte Brooks' photograph of a fish, it's body contrasting with the bright blue water in the background.

Herald Series:

Gordon Craig, meanwhile, took an impressive shot of a bird at Cotswold Falconry Centre, the yellow around the animal's eye standing out against its darker feathers.

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People using the eye-catching colour to attract attention was another popular focus. We especially enjoyed Lesley Adams' snap of her husband modelling his latest hi-vis uniform standing in the couple's kitchen.

Another stand out was a woman using an umbrella in Oxford to keep a group of tourists together by Ian White.

Herald Series:

Finally, one of our favourite images was an inventive shot by Steve Craske of a girl playing with a yellow slinky, with the toy spiralling toward the camera.

Next week's theme is 'all the small things'.

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Herald Series:

This week’s winning shot will appear in tomorrow’s paper. Bryan Robertson has also arranged another Camera Club outing, this time to Millets Farm Falconry Centre tomorrow.

Full details are on the Facebook group.

Happy snapping!