This is the 'frightening' moment families were forced to flee when a power line went up in flames this morning. 

People had gathered at Harwell Road, Sutton Courtenay, to watch the demolition of the Didcot Power Station. 

But shortly after the towers came down, there was an 'explosion' and the pylon at the site caught light. 

Among those caught up in the incident was a mum and her two daughters, aged five and three. 

The three-year-old suffered burned hair in the incident. 

The mum, who asked not to be named, said : "For a brief moment I thought someone had let off fireworks. But it rained down with sparks that burned, and we got burned. 

"My five year-old ran away so she wasn't hurt, but the three year-old was busy watching videos and some of her hair was burnt. But she's fine now, it mostly got her hair. 

Herald Series:

"Some people said it was a drone which hit the power lines, but then other people have said it was debris, so at the moment we aren't sure what caused it. It was frightening though. Everybody screamed and ran."

Pictured above: The little girl's scalp after the incident

The explosion knocked out power to around 26,000 homes across south Oxfordshire.

Writing on the Oxford Mail Facebook, several people who were in the vicinity at the time of the incident have questioned why the road was allowed to stay open. 

One said cars parked along the road were damaged. Another added  I was under the power line with the little girl next to me it should have never happened they should have looked into it a bit more and closed the road not let hundreds of people stand there."