ON July 15, 1908, in a meadow near Wokingham Berkshire, the 6th Annual Meeting of the Berkshire Constabulary Annual Sports began.

There were 283 entries from policemen from all around Berkshire.

Teams representing the county towns were also there from Abingdon, Reading, Maidenhead, Wokingham , Newbury and Wantage.

The Wantage team consisted of Superintendent Smith (Captain) PS Harris and PCs Barnard, Witt, Gunter, Couling, Hunter, Winchcombe and Walker.

Before the competition ensued, the crowd was entertained by a military display by the 21st Lancers and then a squad of boys from the Provincial Police Orphanage at Redhill, Surrey, gave a gymnastics display.

After this the competition began in earnest with the shot put.

Herald Series:

This was followed by the obstacle race, the quarter-mile handicap and a one-mile bicycle race.

In the tug of war the Wantage team won after two pulls against the team from Reading.

They had been in the final for the three previous years and this was the first time they had won.

Hot on the heels of this victory, PC Witt won the 100 yards handicap in a time of 11 seconds.

On their return to Wantage , the town team coming back to town via the tram was met by the town band and escorted to the Market Place where everyone adjourned to the Bear Hotel where the cup was filled to loud cheers.