HOW sexy is your town? 

For the first time, an interactive 'sex map' has been produced by Love Honey, the biggest supplier of adult toys and equipment in the UK.

It ranks every town and city by how much they spend on the sex toy site - and even reveals each town's most-ordered products.

Dagenham in Essex topped the UK list. 

See the full UK table below

The map allows you to look up anywhere in the UK to see how kinky your town is, and compare to other locations in Oxfordshire or across the whole country.

For instance, Didcot is officially the 'sexiest town' in Oxfordshire, with more spent on toys than anywhere else in the county per capita.

It came 120th of 725 locations in the UK, and shoppers have a penchant for butt plugs.

Next highest was Witney, which is ranked 177th out of 725 places.

Comparitively, the people of Oxford  are very reserved when it comes to spending money on adult toys. 

The town ranked 462nd out of 725.

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What about the rest of Oxfordshire?

Here are the ranks for most of the towns in the county.

All ranks are out of 725.

  • Abingdon - Ranked 209th 

Highest ranked product - Butt plugs

  •  Banbury - Ranked 185th

Highest ranked product - bondage

  • Bicester - Ranked 123rd

Highest ranked product - butt plugs

  •  Didcot - Ranked 120th

Highest ranked product - butt plugs

  • Kidlington - Ranked 266th

Highest ranked product - bondage

  • Oxford- Ranked 462nd

Highest ranked product - Anal toys

  • Witney - Ranked 177th

Highest ranked product - Strap-ons

Lovehoney product director Bonny Hall said: “Spending on sexual pleasure in Oxfordshire is in line with the national average.

“All our data shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness."

Herald Series:

The figures are based on Lovehoney’s data on the UK’s sexual behaviour.

All the results have been calculated taking into account the population of each area and the total spend for that area, to get a 'per capita' spend figure.

Lovehoney, the UK’s biggest sex toy retailer,  is booming with sales of more than £100 million annually. 

The Bath-based firm received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for boosting UK exports.

Owners Richard Longhurst and Neal Slateford met the Queen and Prince Philip at an official reception at Buckingham Palace.

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