A CARE provider has admitted there were ‘serious failings’ in its care of a man who died after being at an Abingdon assisted living facility.

The man's daughter, identified only as Mrs X, complained to the Local Government and Social Care ombudsman over 'inadequate and neglectful' care he received during his two-month stay at Mayott House in 2017.

A report published by the ombudsman stated his treatment had a 'serious negative impact’ and ‘important medicine’ was not given to the man, referred to as Mr Y, and was only picked up when brought up by family members.

It stated this had gone on for a ‘sustained period’ adding: “Managerial and supervisory staff did not respond to Mrs X and family’s important early concerns about Mr Y’s care.”

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The document noted the ‘frustration and considerable distress’ family experienced at their ‘inability to get answers’ adding: “Mrs X understandably believes there is a strong link between failures in care for Mr Y and his subsequent death."

The report said it could not conclude there was a 'causal link' but the ‘distress arising from uncertainty’ about what the impact was warranted a ‘symbolic payment’ of £750. The ombudsman said the Order of St John Care Trust, which runs the Ock Street assisted living development, had apologised to the woman and her family for these faults, it also cancelled the man’s care fees and had worked with Oxfordshire County Council on a safeguarding investigation.

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It added the trust had admitted 'serious failings' in its care.

A council spokesman said the authority conducted an 'extensive investigation' at the time 'ensuring all processes were reviewed and that correct safeguarding procedures were being followed'. It said the trust, which has been rated as ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission, was one of its ‘key long term partners’ and it would continue to work with them.

A trust statement said: “The incident took place two years ago and our response on receiving the complaint was immediate. This included an extensive investigation, whereby we took measures to ensure all processes were reviewed and reinforced in the home with correct safeguarding procedures being followed and professional bodies notified.”