A DETERMINED personal trainer wrote a fitness guide entirely on his phone during his daily 5.30am commute into Abingdon.

In January, Ollie Campbell started recording his ‘morning rambles’ on his iPhone as he walked to work.

These were made up of snippets of things he had learned from podcasts by experts in the health and fitness field.

The 34-year-old, from Kingston Bagpuize, said he saw the book as an opportunity to share the wisdom he was gaining with others and to help them achieve their own goals.

He said: “While experts talk to other experts it’s often the case that their great ideas aren’t put to use because the general public don’t understand what or how to apply the theories in real life.

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"I wanted to change that. The book links the benefits of exercise, nutrition and mindset to help people create lasting change."

Mr Campbell, who works at Priority 6 personal training centre at Radley Road Industrial Estate, which he runs with his wife Emily, and co-founder Simon Greenwood, eventually compiled these 'rambles' into a collection of small daily chunks of advice.

This became the 283-page ‘Build The Chain’, which hit book shelves this summer published by Lotus Publishing.

Using real life illustrations, he has taken knowledge from those specialising in the health, wellness and nutrition industry and condensed their work into manageable bitesize information for readers.

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The idea behind `Build The Chain' is that you apply one of these techniques to reach your goal, this becomes a link, and as you continue each day it becomes a chain which leads to a lasting transformation.

Explaining why he started writing on his phone, he said: “The book started when I realised I wasted so much time on the way to and from work.

"Half an hour of dead time that I could use to better myself and help others.

"I’ve always wanted to defy the odds and write a book.

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“This was a way of me becoming better – better at what I do and better at what I know."

He added that his own achievement of writing a book was an example of the 'build the chain' philosophy in action, saying: "I was never academic at school and no one would ever have expected me to have had the attention span or patience to write an entire book.

"But, with a positive mindset and small, achievable daily plans of action I defied the odds and proved that I am capable of whatever I want to be.

"That’s called building the chain.”

Mr Campbell's book is available online at Waterstones and Amazon for £8.99.

For more information visit priority6.co.uk.