BREXIT dominated dinnertime discussion as a group from Didcot visited their twin town in Bavaria.

A group of 13 headed by town council leader, Mocky Khan, visted Planegg near Munich between September 12 and 15.

The group took part in events organised by the Planegg Town Hall and were hosted in the homes of local families.

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The programme included a tour on Friday of the food market in Munich and a dinner hosted by the mayor of Planegg.

Herald Series:

Traditional Bavarian attire.

On Saturday Cllr Khan and twinning chair Axel MacDonald took to the floor for traditional Bavarian dancing.

A spokesman for the Didcot Twinning Association said: “As expected discussions between hosts and guests during the weekend often turned to what was happening with Brexit and it was agreed that whatever transpired the twinning partnership was more important than ever.”