DRIVERS who just can’t park their cars correctly continue to amaze our readers – and this time, the examples of bad parking are even worse than before!

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Our readers were fed-up with bad parking when we asked them to send us their pictures at the end of last month, but now they’re furious – leaving notes under the windscreen wipers of errant vehicles, and shaming the most inconveniently parked motorists.

Among the worst offenders this time are a pink Bentley, which ‘parks wherever it likes’ according to the photographer who spotted it.

Herald Series:

The pink Bentley.

This mean machine was spotted during the school run, parked right across a pavement in all its fluorescent glory.

There was also the car left abandoned over a footpath leading into Aldi in Faringdon, while the rest of the car park was almost empty.

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The shopper must have spotted a bargain in one of the central aisles of the shop – we’ve written about some of the latest goodies on offer here.

Herald Series:

A shopper parked on the path outside Faringdon Aldi.

In Wantage’s Health Centre on Maybly Way, a Jeep was parked straddling across two disabled bays and not even displaying a blue badge, leading to one reader’s decision to send us their photo in fury.

Herald Series:

Bad parking at Wantage Health Centre.

Meanwhile, at Templars Square, an Audi was found parked just in front of the barriers leading to the shopping centre’s car park.

Clearly displayed ahead of the rogue soft top is a sign detailing the charges in the car park, and another with an arrow pointing through the entrance.

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‘Words are not needed,’ said the anonymous photographer.

Herald Series:

Words were not needed.

A reader in Didcot was angry at a car which had been placed in a space reserved for motorcycles.

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The car can clearly be seen in the reserved parking bay at Didcot Orchard centre, with a motorcycle trying it’s best to squeeze in front of the large vehicle.

Herald Series:

Two motorists share a parking space begrudgingly.

Have you seen worse examples of parking than this? Can you top not only these offenders but our last batch of bad apples?

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