A SCHEME to give vulnerable people a place to go for help in the Vale of the White Horse has been launched today.

The Safe Places scheme launched today in Faringdon and Wantage.

It aims to provide a safe place for people to go if they are feeling lost, worried or threatened and will provide important help for vulnerable people, such as those with dementia, learning disabilities or mental health needs.

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A total of 16 premises have signed up to the scheme in the two towns including Faringdon Information Centre, Newbury Street Practice in Wantage, and both town;’s libraries.

The official launch of Safe Places took place at 10am under the Old Town Hall in the Market Square in Faringdon and at 2pm at the entrance to Sainsbury’s in Wantage.

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The scheme has been running in Abingdon since 2018, where 10 Safe Places are available to residents.

A full list of locations can be viewed at safeplaces.org.uk/member-schemes