SEVEN of Oxfordshire's most wanted criminals are being hunted around the world.

The fugitives are on the run for breaking rules after they were let out of prison.

They are wanted by Thames Valley Police for being unlawfully at large.

The hunt is being led by the charity Crimestoppers – who have asked for the publics help in tracking down their whereabouts.

Here are the seven who are wanted for a recall to prison (accurate at the time of print):

Herald Series:

• Samuel Walker has been at large since 2014 and police say he could be hiding in Azerbaijan.

The 30 to 35-year-old, who is described as around 5' 10" with black hair, is also known as: Sam Walker, Christopher Rivers, Sam Cercetti, S White and Sam Verce.

He was recalled to prison five years ago after breaching his licence conditions.

His has links to Oxfordshire - where he committed the crime – as well as Buckingham and Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Reference: CS1806-17311

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Herald Series:

• Jamila Nasila Adams

Adams also goes by the nicknames: Jamila Nasila Adams, Jamila Nasima Adams, Jamila Nazima Adams, Jamila Naseema Adams, Gemma Adams, Jemma Adams, Jamilla Adams.

She committed a crime in St. Aldates in Oxford and is wanted for questioning about recall to prison.

Police describe her as a large woman, who is around 5ft, with curly brown hair.

Reference: CS1909-17851

Herald Series:

• Andre Hurst also goes by the name Andre Bryant Hurst, Bryant Hurst, Andre Parker, Andre Parsons, Sosa and Remy.

He is around 6ft, with an unshaven look and and afro hair.

The 30 to 35-year-old could be in Brandon – which is a town near Thetford.

CS reference: CS1812-17527

Herald Series:

• Police want to question Kieran Michael Downey about recall to prison.

The appeal says the crime was committed on Patrick Haugh Road in Bicester – the same road as HMP Bullingdon.

He is described as 45 to 50-years-old, around 6ft with brown hair.

CS reference: CS1909-17848

Herald Series:

• John Thomas McEvoy is also wanted by police for being unlawfully at large after a crime happened on the same road as the county's prison.

The 45 to 50 year-old, who is around 5ft 8in, could be hiding in Ireland.

Police say he is unshaven and has brown hair.

CS reference: CS1906-17756

Herald Series:

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• Thomas Cauley the third on the list to have the crime location listed as the same road as Bullingdon prison.

Cauley might have fled to Ireland, or could be in the county.

He is around 30 to 35-years-old, around 5ft 10in and has brown hair.

CS reference: CS1904-17678

Herald Series:

• Kamil Podedworny was recalled to prison in 2016 after committing a crime on Starwort Path in Oxford.

He could be hiding in Poland or somewhere in Oxfordshire.

He is described as 25 to 30, around 6ft 2in with brown hair in a short cropped style.

CS reference: CS1806-17316

Anybody with information should call Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111using the CS reference codes provided.