FIREFIGHTERS tackled a huge blaze near Abingdon last night.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said more than 50 crew members had been hosing down the flames near Longworth.

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In a post shared on Facebook at about 6pm yesterday evening, the fire service said: "We currently have eight fire engines plus other vehicles dealing with a large fire near Longworth.

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Reader Gary Couch took this video of the fire 

“If you see smoke in that area, please don't be alarmed - we are on hand and dealing with it."

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Thick smoke could be seen from miles away and one resident, commenting on the post, said: "We've had ash coming in through windows, must be quite a fire."

Another added: "It was huge when I went past at 5 and looked like it was spreading."

Authorities have not yet confirmed where exactly the fire was, but some people in the area have suggested it was at a farm.

Another woman who commented on the post said: "Everyone is safe, including the animals. Thanks to all concerned."

Emergency services have been contacted for further information.