FIREFIGHTERS worked through the night in a bid to tame a massive blaze that tore through 3,000 hay bales. 

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Crews expect to remain on scene ‘into the weekend’ after arriving just after 3pm yesterday, to a farm off Hanney Road, near Southmoor.

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Photographer Kieran Clarke captured dramatic shots of the fire as it took hold last night - view more of the photos here. 

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Picture: Kieran Clarke

In an update shared on Facebook shortly after 5am this morning, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said its teams had rescued more than 1,000 pigs from the path of the fire.

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A pile of burnt hay bales at the scene. Picture: Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue

The post added: “Crews across Oxfordshire from over 14 different stations have been working since just after 3pm yesterday overnight, with four fire crews on scene throughout the night to deal with over 3,000 hay bales on fire in between buildings.

“Fortunately we’ve been able to work with the owners to move over a thousand pigs to safer areas within their enclosures without harm, and protect all the surrounding buildings. 

“We expect to be on scene into the weekend.”

An earlier post revealed that more than 50 firefighters were on scene at the height of the fire.

Reader Gary Couch shared the above video of the fire, filmed at about 6.10pm, and described the location as ‘between Charney Bassett and Fyfield Wick.’ 

The fire service has not yet clarified the exact location but said it was 'near Longworth,' while readers have said it happened off Hanney Road near Southmoor.

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Thick smoke could be seen from miles away and one resident, commenting on Facebook, said: "We've had ash coming in through windows."

Another woman who commented on the post said: "Everyone is safe, including the animals. Thanks to all concerned."

Thames Valley Police has now confirmed that it also sent officers to the scene, but said this was only to assist the fire service with a potential road closure, which was not required in the end.