A WOMAN claiming to be collecting for charity stole £250 from a man who donated to her cause.

According to a post on the Wantage and Grove Community Facebook page, the distraction theft happened yesterday outside the Sainsbury's store in Wantage.

The woman is said to have hugged and kissed her victim when he donated £5, and used the contact to grab more cash from his wallet. 

Posting on the page, the victim's wife said: "My husband was in Sainsbury's disabled parking today and a lady came up to him asking for money for a deaf and blind charity.

"He opened his wallet and gave her five pounds. She then hugged and kissed him.

"When he got home he realised that £250 was taken from his wallet.

"She must have taken it while hugging him. So be careful."

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She added that he had just withdrawn the cash from the ATM. 

The woman was described as young and 'maybe foreign'.

Commenting on the post, one person wrote: "How awful that she took advantage of his generosity."

Another added: "The same happened to a friend's father in Abingdon a couple of weeks ago.

"[He] had just withdrawn a large sum of money from the cashpoint."

Last month police officers posted on the TVP South and Vale Facebook page, warning of a similar scam.

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The post said there had been distraction thefts in Didcot and Wallingford in recent weeks, adding: "A female described as aged in her 20s, slim build, dark hair, wearing black clothing with a distinct white strip on the trousers and holding a red clip board is targetting the older community.

"She is approaching them and speaking in what is described as an Eastern European accent, saying she is deaf and collecting money for charity.

"The victims are distracted and she has taken money or valuable items from them.

"We would ask that you please pass this information on to members of your family or friends to make them aware of this lady."

Anyone with information about the woman has been asked to phone 101 and quote 43190323379, or to call 999 if they see someone matching that description approaching people.