A 'SLICK' thief posing as a charity collector almost stole a £6,000 Rolex watch from a man's wrist.

As reported in yesterday's Oxford Mail, victims across the county have been targeted in a distraction scam in which a woman approaches her victims asking for donations for the deaf and blind.

In several cases the thief has been seen in supermarket car parks, hugging or kissing people who donate and using the contact to swipe cash and other valuables from them.

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Following yesterday's report, another victim said he was targeted in the car park of Waitrose in Abingdon, on Thursday last week.

It happened while he was inside the car, and she attempted to seduce him.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: "She knocked on the car door with a clipboard and paper saying 'deaf and disabled'.

"I filled in my name and address and gave £4 - then she propositioned me.

"I joked that my wife wouldn't be happy about that and she reached inside the car and stroked my hand. Within about three seconds, she had undone the strap on my Rolex watch.

"She was so slick, I couldn't believe it. There is no doubt she knew what she was doing - she was trying to distract me."

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The man managed to cling onto the watch as he realised what was happening, and quickly closed the window and drove off.

He said he called Waitrose immediately to warn security that she was operating in the car park, and staff advised him to report the matter to police, which he has since done.

The man said it was a 'disgrace' that the supermarket did not appear to be more concerned when he told staff what had happened.

He said the watch had a value of £6,000 and he was 'lucky' he realised what was happening, before it was too late.

Police have issued a warning about the scam.