AN OXFORD taxi driver was among those killed in a 6.4 Richter magnitude earthquake that hit Albania yesterday.

Klement Cupi was the 26th victim of the earthquake, local news website Vizion Plus has reported.

His body was recovered from the rubble of a building in the town of Thumane, 40km to the north-west of the capital Tirana and close to the epicentre.

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Mr Cupi, who is thought to have been in his 30s, was found by rescue teams under heavy stones, where he remained for 16 hours.

Albanian-born Mr Cupi was on the second day of a visit to his family when the disaster struck. 

The death of his mother has already been confirmed, while his father, Hajredin Cupi, remains under the ruins of the building.

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Mr Cupi's brother, however, is in hospital in a stable condition.

Mr Cupi, who arrived in Oxford in his youth as a refugee, studied in the city and then went on to work in the Red Lion pub off Gloucester Green as a manager.

Several years ago he started a job as a taxi driver at 001 Taxis. 

General manager, Aaron Singh, who confirmed Mr Cupi's death, said: "It is a sad day for all of us. This is such a tragedy to hear about."

Since yesterday morning, over 300 earthquakes have been recorded throughout Albania, and the death toll is continuing to rise.