AN OXFORDSHIRE Labour candidate is backing the party’s plan for what it calls a ‘housing revolution.’

Jonny Roberts, Labour candidate for the Wantage and Didcot constituency, issued a press statement supporting his party’s manifesto pledge to build more social housing.

The statement said: “With 2,113 people waiting for a council home in the Vale of the White Horse and 2,415 people waiting for a council home in South Oxfordshire - but not a single home built here last year, Labour pledges a housing revolution with the biggest council house building programme for decades.”

According to Mr Roberts, the number of socially rented homes being built in the Vale of the White Horse has fallen from 108 in 2010/11, when the last Labour government’s funding for councils was still being delivered, to 0 in 2017/18, the last financial year for which there are figures.

In South Oxfordshire it has fallen from 40 in 2010/11 to none in 2017/18.

New homes are being built across Oxfordshire to address the local housing crisis.

In the Vale of White Horse district, 1,500 new homes are slowly being built at the Kingsgrove development in Wantage, a portion of which will be affordable housing.