STAFF, pupils and parents at an Abingdon primary school are celebrating the latest Ofsted results following an inspection.

Carswell Community Primary School in Bostock Road has received the report of the latest inspection from a government inspector who has given the school a ‘good’ rating.

This follows the ‘good’ rating the school received in 2015.

The inspection was carried out in July by Ofsted inspector Deborah Gordon, who praised headteacher Paul Crandon’s leadership since taking over from Tina Farr last September.

She is now headteacher at St Ebbe's Primary School in Oxford.

Mr Crandon told staff and pupils: “What you have achieved this year has been recognised and you should be rightly proud.”

He added: "The school will continue to strive to improve, particularly in creative opportunities that we are threading throughout our curriculum".

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Ms Gordon wrote in her report: “The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

“Since your (Mr Crandon's) appointment you have carefully reviewed provision. You have developed a strong central vision based securely around the ethos of the school.

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“You have shared this with all stakeholders, including governors, so that everyone has a clear understanding of the approach to learning at Carswell.

“You are rightly proud of the school’s focus on developing pupils as engaged and

reflective learners and in the ways in which this learning is shared and celebrated.”

Giving an example, Ms Gordon highlighted Year 3 pupils learning about Italy and hosting an Italian restaurant evening for parents.

She added: “You aspire to do even more to ensure that your high-quality curriculum is further strengthened.

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“To this end you have invested in staff training so that all staff are confident in all subject areas.”

The inspector added that pupils enjoyed their learning and agreed that the school’s ethos of being kind was important to them.

She concluded that pupils’ work in their books was generally of high quality and subject leaders were passionate about the delivery of their subjects.

She added that staff have maintained the strengths identified in the previous inspection.

Ms Gordon said: “The good support and high-quality care that pupils receive across the school are also a strength.

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“For instance, the high proportion of pupils from service familie benefit from recognition of the places their loved ones are deployed to.”

Chairman of governors Adam Jenkins said: “It’s great that the inspector really understood our kindness ethos, it came across in her feedback and we felt she really got a handle on our school.”