Abingdon man aged 85 and ice dancer stars in an ice-skating music video.

Nigel Moul, 85 from Abingdon, has teamed up with local video production company Oxford Media Factory to produce a music video for synth-pop band Verna Hark.

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The 'Sparkling Blue' music video was shot at the Oxford Ice Rink where he skated for 35 years. He also both fell in love and later had a heart attack at the Oxford Ice Rink.


Mr Moul had to temporarily hang up his skates due to balance issues, but he has since started skating again and stared in a music video.

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As the Oxford Ice Rink is a public space, the shoot took place during the midnight hours. Mr Moul said: “Although I skate regularly, I have never skated in the early hours of the morning before! The music video seemed like a very surprising project in which curiosity and my love of skating enticed me to take part. The very friendly and wonderful crew took great care of me.”