A RARE white-breasted robin has been photographed in the UK for the first time in nearly a decade - and it was spotted in Oxfordshire.

Also known as 'Albino robins', they are almost unheard of in the wild, but a photographer managed to capture photographs of one found in a back garden in Goring-On-Thames, near Wallingford.

The partial albino is believed to be the first one of its kind spotted in the UK since a bird nicknamed 'Snowy' was spotted in Surrey, in 2010.

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It was photographed by amateur snapper Simon Booker, 56, who "stood like a statue" for three hours in order to capture his shots.

The bird is thought to be nesting in the 40-year-old homeowner's back garden.

The robin has partial albinism - a condition which means all its brown and red pigment is missing.

Mr Booker, from South Stoke, said: "They only rock up once every five to ten years because of a genetic mutation. It was just pure luck that it turned up when I was there.

"It just happened to sit on a fence for long enough for me to fire off a few shots. I was absolutely chuffed to get the photos. I am proud of the photos and I know this is a rare privilege. It's a great feeling."