A young deer was found at the side of a road not moving and curled up.

This wonderful picture was posted by Katie Mundy after she stayed with the injured deer to comfort it.

Ms Mundy found the young roebuck and said: "I didn't have the heart to leave him to die alone or to be hit once again or cause an accident for someone who may try and swerve, so I decided to stay and seek help."

Ms Mundy rang the RSPCA and stayed with the young roebuck until someone came.

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She said: "I stayed with him for some time keeping him warm and just gently talking to him and stroking him. Some time passed by I flagged a police car down that was passing and within the time of them stopping to assist wildlife rescue arrived. Luke and I loaded him into the vehicle, and I received a update via Fb stating he's going to be all okay."

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The deer has no broken bones and is left with only a couple of scrapes.

Ms Mundy said: "Thank you to everyone who offered advice and assisted me via Fb today. I personally choose to stay with him because I couldn't leave him to get hurt once again."