THE government has promised extra cash to build new garden villages in Didcot and Bicester, as well as other towns across the south east of England.

Housing minister Esther McVey announced yesterday that £8 million of funding was being set aside for new housing across England.

This pot of money included £6 million spread across councils in England to help build new garden towns and villages, as well as £1.9 million to support communities who want to draw up neighbourhood plans, which will help to decide where new homes can be built.

Under the plans, Didcot is set to receive £100,000, which could help to build up to 15,000 houses, while Bicester is set to receive £320,000 which could help to build 13,000 homes.

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David Johnston MP.

The new MP for Wantage and Didcot welcomed the announcement.

David Johnston said: "I very much welcome this announcement, which will mean an additional £100,000 for the Didcot Garden Town project that will further boost our local economy, as well as provide more affordable homes for local people to own and rent and which are, importantly, built in the right places."

Ms McVey said the pot of money would deliver new homes for hard working families.

The Didcot Garden Village and North West Bicester garden town development have both been subject to large government cash boosts in the past.

A £218 million pot of money was signed off last year from the government's Housing Infrastructure Fund which will lead to road improvements around Didcot to help cope with the planned new homes.

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Road improvements planned for Didcot marked out in red. Picture: Google Maps.

In Bicester, a smaller pot of money totalling £6.7 million, also from the HIF, was signed off for railway bridge improvements which could lay the groundwork for a new road around the north west of the town.

This road would also help to cope with the new homes planned for Bicester, but funding for it is still being sought.