FROM breakfast delivery services to everybody's favourite climate activists: this week our top stories have been flooded with your comments.

Here's a brief round up of what you've had to say.

Herald Series:

One sandwich shop has been ahead of the game this week, announcing its launch of a breakfast, and roast dinner, delivery service.

The popular idea, from Chris’s Sarneys in Wantage, was met by hungry people tagging their pals on Facebook.

But on our website, the comments were flooded with well-wishers and practical thinkers.

Here's what you said:

  • Neonlights: "They'll be scrambled eggs by the time they arrive, given the amount of potholes on route."
  • DelBoyy: "*checking google maps to see if I'm in the 10 mile delivery area* I genuinely wish you all the best for your new approach to an already successful business."
  • Alf Garnet: "Why so many deleted comments?" (It was because two of our commenters couldn't behave themselves and started throwing abuse at each other - then each reporting the other one for being rude...)

Herald Series:

This week rebel farmers who run Oxford's alternative farming conference allied themselves with the world's most famous climate change protest group Extinction Rebellion.

The groups said they were united by fighting 'industrial agriculture' which is ruining the environment.

Here's what you said:

  • ProfHaggarty: "Extinction Rebellion really need to ditch the 'crank' look. And the name, for that matter. They'll never get the general public behind them so long as they continue traipsing around in a tangle of shocking-red sheets with a clown-white faces and 'tragic' expressions. The message is lost in all of it. As for the name: any sense of energy that might have been communicated by the word 'rebellion' is completely lost to the word that precedes it. And it's . . . too long, too many syllables. If they want 'ordinary' people to get behind their campaign and swell their ranks, they'd do well, in my opinion, to have a quick whip-round and buy in some rebranding expertise. Pronto."
  • SilverGhost: "It worries me that people spend time and money and use dyes possibly made in a factory that causes pollution and materials that could provide someone with clothing to look so ridiculous!!We will see these outfits in landfill for years to come."

Herald Series:

This week a mum blasted a supermarket after it set up a dummy victim child – in clothes you can in the shop – alongside a horror DVD at the front of the store.

It's part of the promotion for the film IT where a clown kills children.

The mum was horrified, but here's what you said:

  • RoyRover: "Oversensitive mum, nothing more nothing less. The store manager just said what they did to shut her up. That 'IT' display is mild compared to what supermarkets put up for Halloween."
  • Nomis65: "Where she says it could unsettle children, 'especially those with additional needs' – children with additional needs are more likely to wonder why the kid with the balloon won't talk to them."
  • Julian LeGood: "Ban yellow coats."
  • OxfordRob: "Seriously is that all the display is? I actually think it is an example of clever marketing. The woman must wrap her kids in cotton wool or something if she is concerned about that."