MAJOR renovations and an extension to a Grade II-listed pub could have a a negative impact on the area, one neighbour has said.

The owners of the Three Horseshoes in Benson, near Wallingford, have submitted a planning application to renovate the 17th century building.

Managers propose to remove a pergola and the roof covering and build a new single-story extension with a pitched roof.

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The rear part of the extension is set to have a fully-glazed 'hipped roof' linked between the existing outbuilding and the proposed new extension.

The application also proposes to make alterations inside including removing the existing male and female toilets and make general refurbishments, as well as adding bi folding doors to the outside drinking area.

Neil Davies lives on Oxford Road and has objected the planning application because he said it would restrict the amount of natural light into his house and garden.

He said: "I note that the application has been submitted following an assessment made prior to submission of formal plans that gave advice/steer as to proposals to extend the pub.

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"The outline of our property is not a true reflection/ representation as our eaves height on the rear is approximately 2.4 metres and not as shown at four metres.

"Additionally, the site block and location plans show a boundary wall with 0.9 metre gap between the pub and house whereas in reality it is a boundary fence attached to our rear elevation. These are significant errors.”

He added: “The dry store/ fridge/ freezer extension would extend beyond the rear of our house by 4.2 metres and restrict the amount of natural light into the property and garden area which is already restricted by the trees and boundary hedging that are noted as being retained.

“This depth and height of nearly four metres would also affect a significant amount of our garden area and result in an excessive addition close to the boundary that would be highly visible from within the house through our patio doors and result in an oppressive and overbearing structure that would not comply with the 45-degree rule in your design guide.”

An environmental concern has also been raised, suggesting that the renovation could harm roosting bats.

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In a report for the pub by MKA Ecology, an inspector wrote: “Several mature horse chestnut trees on Oxford Road with 100m of the site may provide bat roosting habitat, while the majority of the surrounding houses, including those immediately opposite, have missing or loose roof tiles and other opportunities for roosting bats.

“There is high potential for roosting bats in the area surrounding the site.”

However, after an inspection there were no bats found actually nesting inside the pub.

And despite Mr Davies' concerns that the extension could cause obstructions, he also said the pub would benefit from the proposed renovations.

The The Three Horseshoes' planning application to South Oxfordshire District Council, submitted in December, is currently in the consultation period.

Any concerns about the planning application from the neighbours or statutory bodies can be raised during this time.

The consultation period will end on February 5 and the target decision date for the renovation of the pub is March 4.

Members of public can see the full planning application and submit their comments online at using reference code P19/S4665/FUL.