VILLAGERS have kicked off at plans for a new skatepark over fears about the noise.

The plan has been proposed for the Recreation Field in Cholsey near Wallingford, aiming to give youngsters a space to be active and socialise.

Cholsey Parish Council, which has applied for planning permission, said: “A skate park facility will have the positive aspects found in the skateboarding community, reducing youth inactivity and providing a social focus in a location that allows casual monitoring by all visitors to the surrounding recreational ground.”

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Most residents do not have a problem with the council building a new skatepark.

However, some do have a problem with the area the council is planning to build it on.

Alex Winters lives on Station Road near the proposed skatepark and like many residents he has disputed the proposed location.

He said: “I am slightly offended all of this has happened without any consultation to the people of the parish.”

He added: “There is a question of noise – skateboards make noise on concrete and there will be a vocal noise from all the participants.”

Mr Winters said he was also concerned about the lack of toilet facilities on the field and suggested the adjacent Jubilee Field would be a better location.

He said: “Jubilee Field is fine, it's out of the way and it's an ideal place and there is already a pavilion there and I assume it would have a water supply.”

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Mr Winters also raised concerns the skatepark could put others off using the field, saying: “The little kids will have to go somewhere else.”

The parish council is planning to build a mini-wheel ramp, next to the larger skatepark bowl, for younger children.

Several other residents of Station Road have submitted official objections to the parish council's planning application.

Pamela Harvey wrote: "I have been in these premises for 62 years and tolerated the swings and footballs no complaint, but I am forced to ask you please not so near my bungalow and garden.

"The noise will be awful, at my age I desire peace and quiet."

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She added: “Can the amazing skatepark be put in the field beyond the brook, where the sound will be lost in the trees. I am not opposed to the skatepark only the position.”

Lionel Baldwin, who lives on Highdale, said: “I already have to endure the shouts and screams from the shelter provided for youths who spend summer nights consuming alcohol and ‘other’ substances.”

Cholsey Parish Council said it wants to build the skatepark to provide young residents with a modern, outdoor, fully accessible facility that will expand the casual tourism to the village.

The council believes by providing the skatepark for older and experienced users as well as beginners, it is likely to deter anti-social behaviour and support sport and leisure.

The council chose the Recreation Field believing it would have a minimal impact on residents.

Members of public can see the full planning application online at using planning application reference code P19/S4030/O. The target decision date is January 30.