A HEROIN addict who stole alcohol from a supermarket two days after being released from prison has been told by a judge to ‘sort himself out’.

At Peter Currie’s sentencing at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Cathy Olliver said the 43-year-old had broke into the Co op in Abingdon on October 27 last year.

She explained he had got into the shop by forcing open a fire door and made off with nine bottles of alcohol, worth £164.63.

Chris Sykes, in mitigation, said the crime had been committed ‘on impulse’ and done with a 'lack of sophistication' to get the alcohol to sell to fuel his heroin addiction.

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He added at the time Currie had been sleeping rough in a tent in Abingdon since he was released from prison on October 25 and had been suffering from Hepatitis C from a tattoo he got there.

Mr Sykes said Currie had been addicted to heroin since he was 28 but had been 'stable' until his relationship with the mother of his children broke down in 2014.

Judge Nigel Daly noted there were ‘numerous’ previous convictions and added: “It is clear what he was after and clear he knew where to get it.”

The court heard Currie had been caught shortly after the theft and had been on remand in prison ever since.

Mr Sykes said Currie was ‘somewhat indifferent’ to his sentence as being in prison meant he had a ‘roof over his head’.

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He added the man had been making efforts to tackle his addiction by using methadone but this meant he was not eligible for drug treatment.

Judge Daly sentenced Currie to eight months in prison for the theft and told the father: “You really are going to have to sort yourself out."

Talking about his frequent offending and time in prison, he added: "You don’t want to spend the rest of your life like that. This is just going to happen time and time again."