Didcot Power Station's cooling tower will be blown up on Sunday, February 9.

The demolition will take place between 7am and 9am. 

It will be the final controlled explosion until demolition of the power station is complete. 

An exclusion zone will be set up around the perimeter of the area, with a road closure on the A4130. Due to the height of the chiment, the exclusion zone will be larger than for previous demolitions.

In August, thousands of people got up early and made their way to viewing points to see the explosion. 

If you want to view the final demolition, here are the best places to go

In August, a piece of debris flew off one of the cooling towers, hit power cables and caused an explosion. 

RWE said a full investiagion was ongoing, but the result of that investigation is yet to be revealed. 

In 2016, a large section of the boiler house collapsed as it was being prepared for demolition. Four men were killed in the tragedy.