A FATHER taking his 14-year-old son to dinner in Oxford was knocked unconscious when a tree crashed into his car last night.

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Stuart Wells had been driving on a rural road off the A420 near the Greyhound pub at around 6.30pm when heavy winds from Storm Ciara brought down a branch right on top of the vehicle.

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He said: "I was heading towards the A420 southbound when next thing there's a crash.

"The car carried on for a bit and I was knocked out cold. My son had to get out the car to get help.

"Thankfully another car stopped and they called an ambulance."

The 38-year-old, who lives in Wootton near Abingdon, said his son Bailie had to be treated for shock at the scene but 'luckily' the pair suffered mainly cuts and did not need to stay at the John Radcliffe Hospital overnight.

He added: "The car is a write off though. It's done."

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Mr Wells, a carpenter who works in Oxford, said he went back to work today but that his son, a pupil at Matthew Arnold school, had stayed at home to recover.

There was widespread disruption during Storm Ciara, with an amber weather warning in place between 8am and 9pm on Sunday.

Oxfordshire County Council dealt with 153 reports of fallen trees.

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Mr Wells thanked emergency services for their help and said: "I didn't really think about the storm. Driving in adverse weather doesn't really bother me.

"I think something does needs to be done about overhanging trees on roads like the one I was driving on though. They're planted too close."