Anyone who watched Layla Moran on BBC Question Time a couple of weeks ago could be forgiven for thinking this was a future wannabe Lib Dem leader.

Layla says she wants to see kinder, gentler politics in society.

This was neither.

She had to be restrained from the most vicious and judgemental attack on Priti Patel by Tory MP Matt Hancock who reminded her that we need to know all the facts before we judge (Priti is under fire for shouting at drippy men allegedly).

What a pity that, while willing the audience to agree with her, she didn't pause to remember her own glass house when, unlike shouting at people, she struck a fellow party member for which she was arrested but, unlike Caroline Flack, charges were dropped.

This doesn't seem to have made any difference to Layla in calling for the head of Priti Patel.

Living under this level of hypocrisy can't be easy, but this is also a woman who wished to erase the Brexit vote and remain in the EU – a sentiment that only found acceptance in North Oxford, otherwise us baby boomers had to bale out the voters who had voted Labour.

She proudly proclaims her new lesbian partner Rosy Cobb, who was suspended from the Lib Dems for forgery.

With these credentials, is she a Lib Dem future leader? I've lost all faith in politicians, so maybe she is after all!

Andrew McCagie

Stanford in the Vale