A PRIVATE care village in Oxfordshire has been accused for ‘choosing profits over people’ in the worsening coronavirus pandemic.

Workers at Richmond Village in Letcombe Regis near Wantage, owned by BUPA, raised concerns the company has not taken sufficient measures to protect its elderly and vulnerable residents and patients.

One employee who asked to remain anonymous shared a letter sent to all staff and residents on Tuesday that outlines updated health and safety restrictions for the site.

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However the worker said that while there are safeguarding precautions in place, potential buyers of the empty apartments at Richmond Village are still allowed to ‘roam freely’, which he said heightened the risk of disease spread.

The staff member argued: “BUPA are potentially putting all the lives of vulnerable people at risk”.

Some of the new measures include halting visits by hairdressers and entertainers and asking family members to ring ahead before visiting.

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A spokesperson for Richmond Villages said: “For the very limited number of enquiries we have had from families looking to view a village or a home we are asking everyone to be mindful of the safety measures that we have put in place and can offer a virtual tour or show them an empty apartment.”

They added that only one potential resident has been shown around the site this week.