JEREMY CLARKSON has welcomed coronavirus panic buyers to his farm shop. 

Mr Clarkson, of Top-Gear fame, swapped Porches for potatoes as he threw open the doors to his new farm shop for the first-time last month.

Herald Series:

Despite high-street giants like McDonald's, Pret and Greggs making the call to close indefinitely on the back of government advice this week, the Grand Tour host took to Twitter to encourage ‘panic buyers’ to head to his shop instead.

He also announced a new strict set of rules amid the virus fears including 'no selfies', 'no cash' and 'no getting out of the car'. 

He wrote: “People of Chipping Norton. My Farm shop will open at 11. Only potatoes on offer. Panic buyers welcome. Don’t get out of your car.”

Before he added: “Two things. To maintain minimum safe distance, it’s cash only. And no you can’t have a f***ing selfie.”

CATCH UP: Jeremy Clarkson opened a farm shop 

Herald Series:

At the Squat Shop – named after his farm Diddly Squat – located near Chipping Norton, the Grand Tour host sells potatoes for £1.02 per 2kg, declaring them ‘cheaper than Aldi’ on the labels.

On the day of his opening he said his little farm shop on the edge of Oxfordshire was putting ‘Aldi out of business’ and hailed the times as the ‘end of supermarket shopping’.