KEY workers are allowed to leave their homes during the coronavirus lockdown, if they are unable to carry out their jobs at home.

The list of 'key workers' in relation to the crisis is extensive, including NHS staff, emergency personnel and supermarket workers.

These people can leave their homes, for the purpose of getting to and from their workplace.

However, the government has stressed that if employees working in those fields can safely and efficiently work from home, they should do.

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Professions listed by the government as 'key' also includes: social workers, teachers, food chain workers, justice system workers, public service journalists, funeral workers, utility workers, prison and probation staff, public transport workers, and any work crucial to the fight against Covid-19.

The latter might include scientists researching the virus, for example.

There was some confusion about whether or not construction workers should still go on site, with builders seen continuing work on big projects in Oxford today, including the Student Castle development behind Oxpens.

Politician Michael Gove clarified that all major construction work should go ahead, but not jobs carried out at close quarters in someone's home.