ALL of Oxfordshire's district councils have confirmed they have no plans to stop collecting council tax during the coronavirus outbreak.

Each of the five district councils are responsible for collecting council tax in their areas.

They also collect tax which is passed along to Oxfordshire County Council and to the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner.

Oxford City Council, Vale of White Horse, South Oxfordshire, West Oxfordshire, and Cherwell District Council have all separately confirmed there are no plans to either stop council tax, or shift the two-month tax break.

This break usually happens in February and March at the end of the tax year when council tax payments have all been made.

The councils all said they had not considered shifting the break to the start of the financial year instead.

But each council urged local taxpayers to get in touch if they had problems paying rates because of losing their job due to the economic uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

Ed Turner, Oxford City Council's cabinet member for finance and asset management, said: "We really encourage anyone who has any difficulties at all to get in contact with us so that we can make a suitable payment arrangement with them, and to ensure that they are in receipt of any financial support they may be entitled to.

Many people are facing new circumstances and also trying to work out what the government’s new steps mean for them and their families. We will try to ensure people have access to appropriate advice."

The other councils issued similar statements.

Council tax payments help pay for services including bin collections and road repairs.