A PRIMARY school teacher and his partner have been using the coronavirus lockdown to get creative and make parody videos.

Tom Codd, a year six teacher at Edward Field Primary School in Kidlington, has been creating Disney-style parodies in relation to the pandemic alongside his partner, Joel Williams, who works for the NHS as a paediatric nurse. 


The couple have created a parody video to the tune of A Whole New World, from the film Aladdin, all filmed inside their Abingdon flat. The lyrics are all about how they feel during lockdown including having to stay inside, falling out with each other and running out of toilet paper.

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Mr Codd said: “We’re on a rota at school at the moment to go in and work with key worker’s children, the few of them that are there, but most of the time I’m staying at home and creating work for children online.

Herald Series: Mr Williams and Mr CoddMr Williams and Mr Codd

“I have quite a bit of spare time, because it’s just me and my partner. He’s had a few shifts to work on, but when we are together, we have time because we haven’t got any children.

“I’m quite well known for being a cheeky chappy and making people laugh, so thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something.

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“It just keeps us occupied, gives us something to stay busy doing – and means we are not just sitting around.”

Musical theatre is a big part of Mr Codd’s life, he is a member of the Abingdon Operatic Society and has been involved in the pastime since the age of six.

He said: “We were supposed to be doing a production with my theatre group in two weeks, but we’ve had to postpone it to October, so I’m trying to keep myself busy.”
In the A Whole New World video, the couple had help from their friend Jenna Elliot, who recorded the female vocals for Mr Williams to mime over.

Herald Series: still from the parody videostill from the parody video

Some of the lyrics include: “Help me I’m bored; bog roll, need more; quarantined behind closed doors...”
For Mr Codd the videos are about lifting his mood but also about cheering up others. He said: “We’ve had messages from people in the local area saying how much it has cheered them up and made them smile – and that’s our main aim.”
Watch the parody video on Facebook: www.facebook.com/515191596/posts/10158116481541597/