Layla Moran talked with a doctor to discuss how prepared the UK was for a pandemic.

The Liberal Democrat politician and MP for Oxford West and Abingdon hosted a discussion virtually for her constituents to talk about the pandemic with Dr Phillip Lee, who witnessed first-hand the governments pandemic drill in 2016.

Dr Lee was an MP for Bracknell, he explained how he would like to see the government prepare for future pandemics and suggested he would like a minister for pandemics.

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He said: "I'm in favour of having a minister for resilience or some fund that builds in capacity in our country to deal with known national security threats, such as, pandemics.

Herald Series:

"We need to ask ourselves to what extent should we invest now, so that we have the kit in advance. We need to accept as a country that we may not use that kit ever. But what we don't want is to be left in a situation where we are getting on the phone to Washington begging for 200 ventilators."

Dr Lee also told the Abingdon MP that he believes we need proper intelligence gathering specifically in regards to pandemics.