Residents are concerned police are not keeping to the two-metre distancing rule when stopping vehicles.

During lockdown police can stop vehicles to see if they have an acceptable reason for travelling, but some residents have concerns.

An Abingdon resident posted anomalously on the Abingdon Spotted Facebook page and wrote: “Just seen the police pulling people over on Ock Street presumably asking people if their journey is essential which is great; however, almost defeats the objective for the officer to then go and stick his head right into someone’s car window like I’ve just witnessed.”

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A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “Police interact with motorists every day and given the current circumstances, it is reasonable to expect officers to ask some motorists whether they have a valid reason for being outdoors. When vehicles are stopped, the driver and occupants are likely to be asked for their reasons, in line with our approach to engage, explain and encourage. We will only take enforcement action if it is necessary and proportionate.

“Where possible, Officers are keeping to the two metre social distancing guidelines, but understandably in a role which involves direct interaction with the public, in some instances this is not possible.”