CANDID images show families in Oxfordshire adapting to the ever-changing world during the government-enforced lockdown that has frozen time for many.

Photographer Kayleigh Williams, whose work has stopped during the coronavirus crisis, launched a brand new project – 'On The Doorstep' – that sees her documenting the lives of her neighbours.

Mrs Williams who has lived in Abingdon for more than six years with her two children Ella, six, and Luca, four, and her husband Charlie, knows people in the area well, so she decided to do something that could 'put smiles on their faces'.

She explained: "Like many, I was heartbroken to have to postpone all my shoots just as we were entering peak season.

"Photography is not just a job for me, it is my hobby and passion.

Herald Series: Herald Series:

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"Without it, I feel like I have lost a limb."

The mother-of-two already already has her daily 'Project 366' that sees her take intimate and sweet snaps of her family members.

However, Mrs Williams added she needed something else 'to keep her sane' and get her 'through this difficult time', so she launched 'On The Doorstep'.

The photographer advertised her plan on Facebook and instantly received an 'overwhelming' response from many who were thrilled to have their picture taken.

Mrs Williams goes out twice a week to areas in south Abingdon to snap those who had shown interest.

By now she has photographed 20 families and with orders piling up she has at least 20 more bookings.

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Herald Series: Herald Series:

The sessions, she assured, are free of charge because all that she aims to do is 'give back to families in such difficult times'.

Mrs Williams added: "I have received a really lovely response from so many people and I really did not expect it.

"What is important for me is that the photos bring joy to people who might also be separated from their families.

"There are many grandparents out there who have not seen their children and grandchildren in more than a month at least, so I just hope these pictures help them."

Mrs Williams explained she always remains at a safe distance and no contact is made when capturing the images.

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Herald Series: Herald Series:

The young woman specialises in lifestyle photography, so the images turn out 'candid and relaxed' as her aim is to capture the 'genuine' moments.

Apart from working away on her 'On The Doorstep' project Mrs Williams said that the lockdown has actually turned out to be 'a wonderful opportunity' for her and her husband to spend extra time with her two young children, one of which wold be starting school in September.

She added: "They are both getting on so well and coping with the situation much better than expected.

To get in touch with Mrs Williams visit her photography website