IN HOPE of saving Oxfordshire’s green spaces during lockdown, Earth Trust launched a 26 themed challenge.

The charity is struggling to fund the resources needed to keep its green spaces safe for visitors due to a lack of volunteers during lockdown.

Earth Trust has launched an appeal for help this week and took part in the national 2.6 challenge, where supporters were asked to take on a 26-themed activity and raise £26 on Sunday 26th April, when the London Marathon would have taken place.

Usually the Earth Trust charity benefits from a significant amount of volunteer time which normally adds up to an extra eight full time employees every week.

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However, social distancing and travel restrictions have meant the charity had to cancel volunteering events and groups.

Jayne Manley, CEO said: “We’re thrilled that our places are providing those nearby with natural green spaces to explore at the moment – not just to run, walk, and enjoy the wildlife we’re so privileged to look after, but also to take some time out mentally, too.”

She added: “With the restrictions currently in place our volunteers aren’t able to support our reduced staff team caring for these special places, so we’re asking for help to keep them safe and open for everyone to enjoy.”

The charity has also come up with a whole list of other ideas for challenges that anyone can do at home or in the garden.

This includes a 26-minute animal Pictionary round and learning 26 different bird calls.

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