A NETFLIX script supervisor has gathered a team of 16 sewers to stitch together scrubs for the NHS.

Karen Savage, 61 is a script supervisor and lives with her husband in Benson.

However, after she was laid off from her position with Netflix due to the coronavirus, Mrs Savage has redirected her spare time to making scrubs for the NHS.

Mrs Savage heard about a London organisation called Scrub Hub, a team of professional sewers that are putting their skills together to help the NHS and she decided to create her own organisation, Wallingford Scrub Hub.

Now she has a team of 16 sewers, five bag makers and six drivers working together to make and distribute scrubs for hospitals in Oxfordshire.

So far, the team of sewers have made 130 scrubs with 28 going to Wallingford maternity hospital, 50 going to Abingdon district nurses and 20 going to GPs through an NHS medical supplies company.

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Mrs Savage explained her epiphany moment, she said: “I was just doing my run and I saw on the pavement, a little person had drawn a rainbow on the pavement saying thank you NHS and in a way that made me think, oh my goodness, let’s do something, it’s just so sweet and I think everyone likes to know they can help and do something important.”

The Wallingford Scrub Hub relies on donations of fabric from Textra Interiors and money from the go fund me page to make and distribute the scrubs.

Gwen Craig and Penny Hill from Textra Interior Designs based in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell have donated their spare fabric to make bags as well as cutting out patterns for the scrubs.

The Go Fund Me page has raised £2480; however, the team need more money to make more scrubs.

Mrs Savage said: “It’s all really good, but we can’t make any more until we get more money and we really don’t want the NHS staff to have to pay for them.”

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Each set of scrubs cost £20 to make, this includes a wash bag for the scrubs to go in and they are given to NHS staff for free.

Inspired by the hard work of the NHS during the pandemic Mrs Savage said: “They are doing such a great job they are putting their lives on the line; it seems ridiculous that we should have to fundraise, the government should be giving.

“It has just been amazing the community spirit and meeting all these people that I never knew existed.

“It is fantastic and joyous in this horrible time.”

She added: It has been great to see our community coming together during this time and we have been overwhelmed by people’s generosity both sewing and making donations.”

Donations to Wallingford Scrub Hun can be made via their go fund me page at: uk.gofundme.com/f/wallingford-scrub-hub.