FRIENDSHIPS with towns across Europe have remained strong during the coronavirus crisis even though Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society has had to suspend all its activities.

Abingdon is currently twinned with the towns of Argentan and Colmar in France, Schongau in Germany, Sint-Niklaas in Belgium and Lucca in Italy, which have all been hit badly during the pandemic and suffer from a shortage of PPE, Stella Carter, chair of the Abingdon and District Twin Towns Society explained.

The activities of Abingdon and its 'twins' include a range of sporting and cultural exchanges between residents, most of which have now been cancelled or postponed.

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The mayor Charlie Birks who has been cooperating with officials from across Europe said: "I have written to all of our twin towns to offer my condolences to those citizens who have lost their lives and loved ones to Covid-19 and my well wishes for those still battling.

"The link between Abingdon and our twin towns is longstanding and highly valued by both myself and the council.

"While the battle continues and as we come out the other side, this link and the support provided between the twin towns will be as important as ever."