WITH the nation on lockdown, cooks have been busy experimenting in the kitchen – when we can get the flour, that is. This week Oxford Mail Camera Club members snapped their own culinary creations for the theme ‘home baking’.

From creative birthday cakes to pasta, everyone has been putting their baking skills to the test and taking mouth-watering pictures of the results.

Judging by the look on the baby’s face on her first birthday in Holly Hitchins's snap, that cake is delicious.

The two litter girls in Care Barton’s picture also cannot seem to get enough of their own delicious baking as they lick the bowl clean.

Some of the pictures from this week show off people’s cake decorating skills.

Bryan Robertson sent in a picture he took of a cake decorated to look like Oxford's Radcliffe Camera in a baker’s window in the Covered Market. He may not have baked it himself, but it is still a great photo.

Julie Holt sent in a picture of a Simpsons-themed cake and Donna Cassettari took a snap of her Big Bang Theory cake.

One more unusual picture sent in for the ‘home baking’ theme was Ian Marriott’s close up snap of sugar. He took a picture of the sweet stuff at 10x magnification under a microscope and the results make each granule look like a crystal.

Louise Hook’s little people have been busy at work again and this time they have been baking smiley faces to spread a bit of joy.

Sonja Jadric’s entry is not exactly baking, but she has still been making cupcakes – crocheting birthday cupcakes and pinning them up for everyone to see. She has even dedicated one to Captain Tom Moore.

She said: “I crochet cupcakes to try and bring a little smile to those celebrating a birthday during these times. Then I add them to the growing collection.”

Tamara Ward’s strawberry cupcakes appear pretty, pink and delicious and Christine Crook’s Easter egg brownies look tasty.

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This week's winner will be announced tomorrow.

The theme for next week is ‘pets’, get snapping cute and funny pictures of your pets and post them to our Oxford Mail Camera Club Facebook page.