HUNDREDS of readers have shown their appreciation for a trusted local news source by subscribing to the Oxford Mail – and today we’d like to say thank you.

Newspapers are facing a crisis. Our website has always been powered by advertising. That means we have been able to offer free access to readers 24/7 at thanks to our valued advertisers.

Newspapers, too, contain advertising.

This is because the cost of producing a printed product is not covered by the cover price. Running a print press is expensive and takes trained professionals – and we are beholden to factors outside of our control, such as the cost of paper and ink.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, advertising revenues have declined sharply. As local businesses struggle, they struggle to afford to advertise with us.

This is happening at a time when our service is more important than ever.

In the midst of the biggest crisis in peacetime, trusted local news sources are vitally important.

Readers who value what we do and the importance of local news to our community, can sign up for a digital subscription.

For just £1 a week, subscribers get a 70 per cent faster loading time, 80 per cent fewer adverts, full access to our digital archive, dating back more than 20 years.

For those who like to have a printed paper to read, we are offering free deliveries on subscriptions for the next six weeks.

No need to worry about visiting the shops to get a copy of your Oxford Mail. Trusted news and entertainment can be delivered straight to your door.

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Our delivery agents are trained in social distancing and the World Health Organisation has declared that the risk of contracting coronavirus from delivered goods is very low.

As well as the news, the Oxford Mail offers a weekly puzzles supplement, a weekly TV guide, our ‘Taste’ food supplement and, coming soon, an interiors supplement.

Next Friday, May 8, we’ll be printing a commemorative VE Day edition.

All of the stories printed will be available for digital subscribers to read online.

The most important thing that a subscription – print or digital – gives readers is the knowledge they are helping to preserve a vital local service for now and the years to come.

We have seen what happens in communities without a good local news service. Stories go untold. Voices go unheard. The sense of community is lost.

For many isolated people, we provide a line to the outside world. We are the place residents come when they need help – when they feel they are getting nowhere with their problems.

The Oxford Mail has raised thousands of pounds for good causes over the years. The OX5 Run even helped to build Oxford’s Children’s Hospital.

The Christmas Homeless Match Fund has raised £150,000 to help the city’s rough sleepers.

The Gannett Foundation, the charitable arm of our parent company, has dished out thousands of pounds in grants to Oxfordshire good causes.

We are currently raising money to help NHS frontline workers. And we are helping other local businesses through our #StillOpeninOxfordshire campaign.

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We also provide some relief from the news with our glossy monthly title, Living Oxfordshire. It's available to read, completely free to all. 

None of these things can happen is we aren’t around.

For 92 years, we've been at the heart of Oxfordshire, we've been #ThereWithYou. Please consider being there with us too.

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